Welcome to LINTEC


Lintec provides a series of products of gas, liquid mass flow controller and others correspond to gas or liquid application with our own R&D technology for application of semiconductor, FPD, PV and other precise measurement industry.

The characteristics of us

-Offer high performance and long life Mass Flow Controller

-The pioneer of vaporization system-CVD, PEALD, coating…etc.

-Provide various products to correspond to customized applications

The main cornerstone of Lintec

“Mass flow controller for gas and liquid applications & vaporization system”

are utilized main in semiconductor and FPD industries as well as indispensable equipment for IC and liquid crystal production process.

Mass flow controllers are high precision instruments, which the measurement principle is according to fluid volume instead of mass so that the measurement of liquid would not influenced by varieties of  temperature and pressure.

Vaporization system is mainly used to efficiently vaporize the fluid, which is controlled by mass flow controller, and also the key device for semiconductor material applied technology.

Not only for the above fields, Lintec products are also widely used in flue gas, fuel cell, gas monitor, analysis equipment and etc. industries, which the management of flow rate is necessary. Lintec is aiming to be a global corporation with own technologies.