OCT., 1987  

Headquarter established with 34,000,000 yen in Yasu City, Shiga prefecture.

Tokyo branch established.

Hirofumi Ono named representative director.

JAN., 1988   Began sales of MM-10 and 20 series mass flow meter.

MAR.,1988   Began sales of MM-100 and 200 series mass flow controller.

NOV.,1989   Capital increased by 50,000,000

                          Began sales of LC-1000 series liquid mass flow controller.

JUN.,1990    Began sales of MC-1000M series mass flow controller.

DEC.,1991    Began sales of MC-2000 series digital mass flow controller.

DEC.,1992   Began sales of MM-2000 series mass flow meter.

DEC.,1993   Began sales of liquid vaporizer unit LV-1100 and AV-1100.

DEC.,1996   Began sales of digital liquid mass flow meter LM-2100.

OCT.,1997    Began sales of LSS-1000 automatic liquid supply system (TEOS).


Yoritaka Isoda appointed representative director,

Hirofumi Ono named the chairperson.

AUG.,1998   Capital increased by 99,950,000 yen.

SEP.,1999    Began sales of vaporizer unit VU-510 for CVD.

FEB.,2000   Began sales of low-cost products, MC-3100E and MC-3200E.

AUG.,2001   Capital increased by 174,870,000.

NOV.,2001   ISO9001 license obtained.

MAR.,2001   Began sales of Device Net-quipped, MC-5000 series mass flow controller.

OCT.,2002    Began sales of high-performance heat exchanger, HX-10 and HX-101.

DEC.,2003    Began sales of mass flow meter AM-3000 for strong acid application.

JAN.,2004    Began sales of premix vaporizer, VU-T450 and T550.


New factory established in Otsu City, Shiga prefecture.

Headquarter relocated to Otsu city.

DEC.,2006   Began sales of the low-temperature, high performance vaporizer VU-910.

JUN.,2008   ISO14001 license obtained.

JUL.,2008    Began sales of MC-3000L series high-accuracy mass flow controller.

JUN.,2009   Began sales of LC-3000L series liquid mass flow controller.

DEC.,2011    Began sales of EtherCAT-equipped, MC-5000 series mass flow controller.

MAY.,2012   Manufacturing subsidiary JP LINTEC established.

DEC.,2012   Began sales of variable-range MC-700 series mass flow controller.


Began sales of MC-10 series high CP analog mass flow controller.

Began sales of LC-4000 series coriolis sensor-equipped liquid mass flow controller.