Compact, compact gas heating with a maximum heating temperature of 200°C.


  • Compact design with 160 mm face to face x 55 mm width
  • Heated 10 SLM of N2 gas to 200°C
  • Capable of heating gases that do not corrode the gas contacting material (SUS316L)
  • Can be used under vacuum or pressure

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Hot purging of ALD and CVD equipment

Liquefied gases are often used in ALD, CVD, and other vacuum deposition processes, but purging with room temperature gases may result in insufficient purging due to condensation as the temperature cools. Therefore, hot purging is effective. The compact gas heater (HX-0020) has a footprint not much different from that of an MFC and can heat up to 200°C, making it ideal for hot purging of ALD, CVD, and other vacuum deposition equipment because it enables gas heating near the use point.

specification sheet

Flow rate (N2 conversion)Pressure lossWithstand pressure(G)Operating temperaturegas supply section

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