A method in which a liquid container is heated and the gasified liquefied gas is flow controlled by a high-temperature gas mass flow controller.

MFC Baking Method Principle

Baking method
Baking method

Heating the liquid tank vaporizes the liquid and the liquid tank pressure increases due to the vapor pressure of the liquid. The liquefied gas vaporized in the liquid tank flows through the MFC to the chamber.

The heat resistance temperature and operating differential pressure of the MFC are important.

Although it can supply liquefied gas with 100% concentration, it must be used below the heat resistance temperature of gas MFC, and there are restrictions on the vapor pressure and supply volume of the liquid. The direct vaporization method was developed to solve these problems.


  • No carrier gas
  • Fast response time due to the use of MFC
  • Direct control of gas flow for high reliability

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