High performance digital mass flow meter with ±1%S.P.

MM-3000L Series

High-performance digital mass flow meter equipped with Lintec’s unique ambient temperature compensated sensor for high-speed measurement.

The sensor can measure mass flow with higher accuracy at lower temperatures than conventional sensors, thus realizing long life and mass flow measurement with gases with high thermal decomposition properties such as O3.

High Performance Digital Mass Flow Meter
MM-3000L Series
High Performance Digital Mass Flow Meter MM-3000L Series


  • Accuracy ±1%S.P.
  • Operating temperature 5 to 50°C
  • Metal seal
  • Clean (Particle Guarantee)
  • Ambient temperature guaranteed sensor
  • RS-485 communication

Specification Table

Flow rate in Nitrogen(Full scale)5~5,000SCCM~20SLM~50SLM~50SLM~150SLM~250SLM~400SLM
Flow rate control range2 ~ 100% F.S.
Accuracy100~25% F.S. ±1.0%S.P.
25%~2% F.S. ±0.25% F.S.
100~35% F.S. ±1.0%S.P.
35%~2% F.S. ±0.35% F.S.
2% F.S.3% F.S.
Temperature5 ~ 50℃
Seal materialsAu