BC Series

The BC Series vaporizes and supplies various liquid materials by introducing a carrier gas and bubbling it in a built-in tank.


  • Carrier gas is controlled by a mass flow controller, followed by heating control by a heater to ensure stable supply of liquid material
  • Optimizing the temperature of the entire supply line prevents liquefaction and ensures a stable supply of vaporized gas.
  • All-in-one design for easy bubbling supply by simply connecting to various utilities
  • Various specifications are available depending on the liquid properties, supply volume, and operating environment.
  • Clean structure for easy maintenance



Because of its superior long-term supply of low-concentration liquefied gas, it is used as a feedstock gas supply method for MOCVD. In addition, the simple structure of the vaporization section eliminates the need to change equipment according to the type of liquid. Therefore, it is used for experiments that do not require precise supply volume but wish to vaporize a variety of liquid materials.