Multi Gas Mixer
Multi Gas Mixer

FL Series

The FL Series uses a mass flow controller to stably supply multiple gases at specified concentrations and flow rates. It contributes to reduction of running costs compared to purchasing mixed gases.


  • Supplies mixed gas when and as much as needed.
  • Automatically supplies mixed gas of a constant density even if the supply volume changes.
  • Various specifications are available according to gas type, supply volume, and operating environment.
  • Clean structure for maintenance.
  • Various alarm setting functions for safety.
  • Stable supply is possible due to a design that takes into account the physical properties of gases.


Gas Mixer Flow Chart

Instead of mixed gas cylinders with high running costs, pure gas is flow-controlled by a mass flow controller and mixed gas is automatically generated in a buffer tank. By monitoring the usage volume with a mass flow meter, the system switches the mixed gas production volume mode. This allows for less frequent maintenance than mixed gas cylinders and reduces running costs at production plants.